Where does your property tax dollar go?
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TREASURER'S NEWSLETTER - 2018 Annual Citizen Report

Attention: New State School Part 2 Tax Information

Property taxes are due each year on April 30th and October 31st.
Note: Treasurer's Office phones are open from 8:30am to 4:00pm two days prior to each date listed above due to the high volume of foot traffic in the office during those time frames.

Email Reminders - If you would like email reminders of taxes due every April and October, register your account online: Online account If you would like assistance with registering your account please contact the Treasurer's office at 509-545-3518.


Delinquent taxes are subject to interest at the rate of 12% per annum computed at 1% per month on the full year amount of tax unpaid. In addition, delinquent taxes are subject to penalties as follows; 3% on the full year amount of tax unpaid on June 1st of the year in which the tax is due. An additional penalty of 8% on the amount of tax delinquent on December 1st of the year in which the tax is due. (RCW 84.56.020). To avoid additional charges, view your account information and make a payment by selecting the PROPERTY TAX INQUIRY tab listed on the top/left side of this page.


Please refer to the auctions tabs on this website for more details regarding our upcoming sales. We advertise all of our sales at least three weeks in advance, in both the Franklin County Graphic and Tri-City Herald.

Attorney General of Washington - Foreclosure Rescue Warning


Submit address changes via the Franklin County Assessor's website, at
(First, confirm that the address is correct at the USPS zip code verification site )

NEW - Paperless Statements

Why go paperless?

Reduce the cost of printing statements - It cost the county almost $1.00 for every statement they print and mail every year. With over 44,000 statements a year the cost adds up quickly.
Saves trees - and helps protect the environment.
Saves time - receive statements as soon as they're ready, instead of waiting for them to arrive in the mail.
Additional reminders - By enrolling into e-statements you will receive an additional courtesy reminder if your taxes are unpaid the month they are due.
User-Friendly - easily find all your account info and balances online at your convenience.
Statement archive - by enrolling in e-statement, you can access your tax statements up to 3 years.
Reduces paper clutter - and time spent filing statements.