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Franklin County Commissioner Districts Voting Rights Claim from UCLA Voting Rights Project

Oct 12, 2021 7 p.m. Redistricting Public Hearing HAPO Center 6600 Burden Blvd Pasco WA Video Livestream
Oct 13, 2021 7.p.m. Redistricting Public Hearing Connell High School Gym 1100 W. Clark Road Connell WA Video Livestream
Oct 14, 2021 7.p.m. Redistricting Public Hearing Mesa Elementary School Gym 200 E. Pepiot Road Mesa WA Video Livestream
Nov 15, 2021 7 p.m. Redistricting Public Hearing at Robinson Elementary, 125 S. Wehe, Pasco Video Livestream
El 15 de noviembre de 2021 a las 7 p.m., se llevará a cabo una Audiencia Pública relacionada a la Redistribución de Distritos Electorales en la escuela primaria Robinson Elementary, 125 S. Wehe, Pasco Video Livestream

Jan 4 2022 Notice of Public Hearing
7:00 pm at the HAPO Center

A Redistricting Committee was formed in May 2021 to make recommendations for revised Commissioner Districts. In 2019, the Commissioners made the decision to await the 2020 Census results to assist in making redistricting boundaries. Construction and population growth in Franklin County is growing rapidly, which necessitates an evaluation of the county's population distribution based on the most accurate data available.

Census data at the block level, made for redistricting states and local governments, were made available in mid-August 2021. The Commissioners sought input from Franklin County citizens and formed the Committee. Appointments to the Committee were made by the Franklin County Farm Bureau, the Franklin County Cattlemen's Association, the Pasco Chamber of Commerce, Commissioner Didier, Commissioner Mullen and Commissioner Peck.

Full Franklin County Redistricting Map Presentation (including all map options and populations for Voting Precincts and Census Blocks)

Franklin County Redistricting Options Chosen by Commission:

The commission has selected Option 2 during their regular meeting on Tuesday December 28, 2021. This map will be available for discussion during the commissioner meeting on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, at 7:00 pm at the HAPO Center.

Chosen Map Option (Option 2 PDF)

Chosen Map Option - Pasco area (PDF)

Facts about Franklin County from 2020 Census:

Population of Franklin County: 96,749
Population of Pasco: 77,108
Pasco 2010 Census: 59,781
# / % change: +17,327 / +28.98%
Population of Connell: 5,441
Connell 2010 Census: 4,209
# / % change: +1,232 / +29.27%
Population of Mesa: 385
Mesa 2010 Census: 489
# / % change: -104 / -21.27%
Population of Kahlotus: 147
Kahlotus 2010 Census: 193
# / % change: -46 / -23.83%
Population of Unincorporated Areas: 13,668
Unincorporated 2010 Census: 13,491
# / % change: +177 / +1.29%
Population of Recognized Rural Settlements:
Basin City1: 1,063
2010 Census: 1,092
# / % change: -29 / -2.66%
Eltopia2: 298,
Merrill's Corner2: 124
1 Basin City, although not an incorporated city, is a "census designated place", so its population is shown in census summary tables published by the U. S. Census and OFM.
2 Eltopia and Merrill's Corner are not shown as "census designated places", so their respective populations are not reported in Census or OFM tables. These populations are estimated by aggregating populations of the census blocks recognized to comprise these areas shown on county maps.

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