Question Where can I get a no contact order removed?
You must apply to the court where the order is entered. You must also notify the prosecutor of your request.

Question I received a subpoena, what should I do?
Appear in court at the designated time. You will be notified if you need to appear at a different time than the time listed on your subpoena. If you have additional questions, contact our office.

Question I have a subpoena to testify in court and will not be available, what should I do?
Call the number on the bottom of the subpoena immediately and explain the situation. Occasionally a different time can be arranged.

Question I am a victim of crime and I want to drop charges, how do I do this?
You cannot drop the charges. The Prosecutor's office, on behalf of the State of Washington, filed charges and we are the only ones that can dismiss the case. However, your position on a case is important, please call the deputy prosecutor assigned to the case.

Question What if I don't have receipts to support the restitution claim?
Provide estimates or find similar items in local advertisements, magazines or the internet.

Question What happens once restitution is ordered?
The defendant is required to make payments based on an order of the court or an agreement with the agency that is monitoring them.

Question What is restitution?
Criminal restitution is money ordered by the court to repay a victim or the victim's insurance company for financial losses. It is the right of a victim to be reimbursed for losses caused directly by the commission of a crime.

Question How do I get restitution ordered in a criminal case?
Documentation of your loss is necessary. Documentation could include receipts, estimates, copies of checks, etc. For assistance with restitution, please contact the victim witness coordinator in the prosecutor's office.