Job Openings

Where do I get information on current job openings?

All current job openings will be posted on our Employment Opportunities web page, and posted in the Franklin County Human Resources Office. You may also call the Franklin County Human Resources Department at 509-546-5813 to inquire about available positions.

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Applying for a Position

How do I apply for a job with Franklin County?

Applications are only accepted for current job openings. If there is a job posted that you are interested in and feel you are qualified for, applications may be completed by downloading a Franklin County Employment Application.

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Am I required to complete an 'Application for Employment' in order to apply for a position?

Yes, applications must be completed in person and/or by downloading a Franklin County Employment Application. Applications can be submitted to Human Resources via e-mail, mail, fax, or in person.

Franklin County Employment Application

Should I attach a resume to my employment application?

Attaching a resume is highly recommended, but not required, when applying for a position. Some job postings may require that a resume be included. Please be sure to thoroughly review the application requirements.

What do I do if I want to apply for more than one job?

You will need to complete a separate application for each position.

When is my application packet due to be returned to Human Resources?

Applications must be received by Human Resources by the closing date as noted in the job posting. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

Where do I return my application packet?


What employment benefits are offered by Franklin County?

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Civil Service

How do I apply for Sheriff's Office Positions?

The hiring process for these positions follow the rules established by the Franklin County Civil Service Commission and facilitated by the Human Resources Department. View Civil Service Page


Once I have applied for a position, how will I know if I am being considered?

All applications received prior to the position closing date will be forwarded to the hiring authority and you will be contacted by the hiring department if they feel your combination of experience, skills, education and/or training are a fit for the position.

Where is the Franklin County Human Resources office?

What if I have additional questions about employment with Franklin County?

If you still have questions pertaining to employment with Franklin County, you may contact the Human Resources Office by e-mail, telephone, or by visiting us in the Franklin County Courthouse.

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Reasonable Accomodation (ADA)

Will I receive assistance during the application and interview process if I have a disability?

Franklin County will make reasonable accommodations to assist anyone with a disability in the application process. Please contact the Human Resources Office at 509-546-5813 if you require assistance.

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