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Keith Johnson
County Administrator
1016 N. 4th Avenue, Pasco, WA 99301

Shirley J. Jones
Assistant to the County Administrator
Phone: (509) 546-5855

Main Office Switchboard: 545-3535

The County Administrator works at the direction and reports directly to the Board of County Commissioners. The Administrator's duties include:

1. Providing fiscal and budgetary services.
2. Making reports and recommendations to the Board.
3. Supervising all non-elected department heads and assisting as needed.
4. Working cooperatively with the offices of the Treasurer, Auditor and any other County department required for development of the budget.
5. Coordinating and providing liaison between the Board and all county departments, elected officials and State Auditor.
7. Acting as chief negotiator for all affiliated unions with regard to wages, benefits and contract language for the upcoming year(s).
8. Assisting the Board by working closely with the county civil attorney and outside legal counsel in matters such as litigation of personnel matters, breach of contracts, unlimited and limited Commissioner bond issuance, and rewriting professional service agreements.

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