1. Look over the 3 options available
  2. Choose option that helps you most and fill out the form
  3. Email the treasurer’s office at with the option you would like to get started with, your parcel number and a staff member will give you a breakdown of what a plan would look like with your taxes. (If no access to email you can call at 509-545-3518, we have limited staff on hand to answer phone calls and we are experiencing a high volume of calls so leave a voicemail and we will call back) 
  4. Mail (PO BOX 1011 Pasco, WA) or drop in drop box (By security building) a signed hardcopy of the agreement.

Current Year Payment Plans

Option 1: 50-50
Option 2: First Half 6 Months
Option 3: Full Year 8 Months
EXAMPLE 6 Months
EXAMPLE 8 Months

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