The Law Enforcement Division consists of Patrol and Investigations and is managed by the Undersheriff. The Division is staffed with, 4 Patrol Sergeants, 16 Deputies and 3 Detectives.

  • Expenditure Budget $3,315,778.00
  • Revenue $973,062.00
  • Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)

    The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has offered and presented the DARE anti-drug and violence curriculum to area schools since 1988. One patrol Deputy, who is a specially trained, part-time DARE Deputy under the newly revised DARE curriculum, presents a 10-week program to sixth graders. Locally, this program serves over 100 children each year. Participating schools are: Mesa and Basin City Elementary.

    School Resource Officers

    A Deputy is assigned as the School Resource Officer (SRO) at Mcloughlin Middle School, which is currently the largest middle school in the state with 1600 students. He serves as the immediate law enforcement to the school.