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It is the policy of the Franklin County Public Works Department to control roadside vegetation through the application of herbicide and by mechanical mowing and clearing.  Herbicide is applied to shoulders of all paved roads and to shoulders of gravel roads as needed, budget permitting.  Herbicide application does not generally occur in the urban areas of Franklin County.

Property owners adjacent to roadways may request that the shoulders along their property not receive an application of herbicide by completing a “Owner Will Maintain Agreement”.  By making such request the property owner acknowledges that the County will not provide any vegetation control, including mechanical means, and that the property owner will be solely responsible to control vegetation in a manner acceptable to the County.

Property owners who only need the "Owner Will Maintain Agreement" for a season may mark that box on the form and the agreement will automatically expire on December 31 of the current year.

Vegetation Spraying and “Owner Will Maintain Agreements” are managed in accordance with the Franklin County Public Works Policy on Roadside Vegetation Management (R.P.P. #3).

For information concerning Owner Will Maintain Agreement, please contact our office at 509-545-3514 or by email at

Owner Will Maintain Agreement - 698 KB