How do I obtain court records and copies of legal documents?

For court records of divorce, probate, criminal history, or civil lawsuits, contact The Franklin County Clerk's office at (509) 545-3525. Records may be viewed at the Clerk's Office.

For certificates of marriage, contact the Franklin County Auditor's office at (509) 545-3536.

For birth or death certificates, contact the Benton /Franklin County Health department at 509 547-9737 or 509 460-4200.

When and where is my court appointment?

This information can be provided by your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, schedules for civil cases can be obtained from the Court Administration (509) 736-3071. For criminal case schedules, contact the Prosecuting Attorney's Office at (509) 545-3543.

Where do I file a civil case, such as divorce or small claims?

Divorce and civil lawsuits should be filed at the Franklin County Superior Court Clerk's Office. (509) 545-3525

Small claims matters are filed in District Court (509) 545-3593

I've been summoned for jury duty. What is my term of service? Where do I report? Can I be excused?

See Juror Information.

How do I get an attorney? Can I qualify for a public defender or other legal assistance?

Coordinated Legal Education, Advice & Referral System, "CLEAR" operates a lawyer referral service and provides information on community legal services. Services are provided for non-criminal, low income/seniors (60+) 1-888-201-1014 toll-free 1-888-201-9737 TDD 1-888-387-7111.

How do I get married at the courthouse?

You must first obtain a marriage license from the Franklin County Auditor's office.
Click Here for the Franklin County Auditor web site
To obtain The District Court judge for a marriage ceremony, call (509) 545-3595.

What is the phone number for Franklin County District Court?

(509) 545-3593 - Franklin County District Court

What is the phone number for the Pasco Municipal Court?

(509) 545-3491 Pasco Municipal Court

How do I contact other Franklin County government agencies?

See the Franklin County Contact Directory

Myths and Misperceptions About the Washington Courts

In this short video Washington State court officials address commonly misunderstood topics about the courts system. The video was produced by the Board for Judicial Administration (BJA) Public Trust and Confidence Committee and TVW.