Franklin County Commissioner Meeting Livestream

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12/07/2020 Joint Press Release to Governor and Community - Watch Video

Due to the Governors restrictions, in-person public attendance to Commissioner's Meetings are prohibited. However, we encourage members of the public to join us electronically.

Franklin County, has made available through an Interlocal Agreement, funds to be utilized by Certified Non-Profits, Agencies/Providers of Affordable Housing, Cities, Towns, the County, and for-profit developers in accordance with 2060 Affordable Housing Program. The intent of the 2060 Fund is to provide affordable housing for very low income persons with incomes at or below fifty percent (50%) of the area median income. Eligible Activities for the SHB 2060 funds are Capital Projects and Acquisition and Rehab of property for affordable housing. The award amount is up to $190,000.00. Applications must be submitted by June 27, 2020. To receive an application, please contact Mari Clark with Benton County Department of Human Services at; or 7102 W. Okanogan Pl., Suite 201, Kennewick, WA 99336, (509) 737-3902.

Franklin County was formed in 1883, and is named after Benjamin Franklin. It is located in beautiful Eastern Washington. It consists of 1,242 square miles, or 795,000 acres. In 2014, the population of Franklin County was 87,809 - a 78% increase since 2000, making us one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.

The largest city in Franklin County is Pasco (2014 population: 68,648), which is also where its historical courthouse and seat of the county government is located.

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